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Dr Timothy Lang’s Practice Purchases CS 9300 System

Unprecedented Speed, Accuracy & 3D Detail with Less Radiation

Enhances Patient Care

Indian Harbour Beach, September 2011 Dr. Timothy Lang’s practice is among the first in the community to add a 3D extraoral imaging system to its office, revolutionizing patient treatment with highly detailed radiographs, or x-rays. Having true-to-life 3D images produced by the device, called a CS 9300, helps Dr. Lang provide quicker and more accurate diagnoses, improved treatment planning and better patient care.

The CS 9300 system provides the advantages of high-resolution, relatively low radiation dose and the ability to target a very specific area for radiographs or x-rays, said Tim Lang, of Lang Oral Surgery and Dental Implants, Indian Harbour Beach, Florida. It is an industry-leading system that has been designed to dramatically enhance treatment planning while delivering fast, accurate results for enhanced patient communication.

Because the CS 9300 system allows Dr. Lang to target the exact area for exposure, patients are exposed to significantly less radiation when they receive an x-ray. This means that other tissues around the mouth area will not be unnecessarily irradiated. The system combines speed (taking x-ray images in as little as 12 seconds), image quality and precision placement to dramatically reduce the need for retakes as well.

With 75-90% smaller radiation dose than conventional spiral CT scans, the CS 9300 helps us adhere to the ALARA Principle or, As Low As Reasonably Achievable’ which we follow to ensure every precaution is taken to minimize patient exposure to radiation when obtaining the necessary diagnostic images needed for treatment planning, Dr. Lang said.

With a low radiation dose and precise, crystal-clear 3D and panoramic images, the CS 9300 offers Dr. Lang an unprecedented level of anatomical insight into specific dental regions of interest to help diagnose more accurately and treat with confidence. Benefits of the CS 9300 include:

  • High resolution images: Dr. Lang can see patient teeth with unprecedented detail
  • Less radiation: patient health and safety is Dr. Lang’s greatest concern
  • Comfortable positioning: the system’s open design makes exams more comfortable, with both seated and standing options to accommodate patients of all sizes
  • Improved care: Dr. Lang can perform a wider range of diagnoses with even greater accuracy

For more information about Dr. Lang’s practice, call Phone Icon Indian Harbour Beach Office Phone Number (321) 777-2166. To learn more about the CS 9300 system, visit